New Whitening Perfection Series Wooden Box Set

Item#: BO15

Rose Crown Whitening Perfection Series is formulated with unique Floral Microbead Complex Advanced, plus various herbal essences, to uplifts a fairer skin complexion by break off the formation of melanin while cut off the absorption of melanin on the outer skin.


Hydrating Beauty Serum 45ml

Enriched with floral micorbead complex advanced and whitening c, this ultimate firming and lifting serum helps to provide a faired complexion of skin, giving skin an exuberantly youthful glow.

Concentrated Beauty Essence 30ml

This light non-greasy essence, enriched with floral microbead complex advanced and rosehip shell extract, helps to provide a bouncy elastic skin with balanced moisture, giving skin feel softer, silkier and firmer.