Silky Eye Gel with Floral Microbead, Caffeine & 24k Gold 30ml

Item#: BO09

Focusing on the weakest areas around the eyes to repair damaged cells and increase the rejuvenation of collagen. It can be easily absorbed by the skin and lock moisture in, and tighten fine lines in a timely manner; this is especially great for dry skin to look appear flexible and hydrated. With the combination of caffeine, various ivy and plant extracts can effectively increase skin’s detox functions and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Ingredients: Floral microbead, ivy extract, horsetail extract, seaweed extract, oatmeal extract, cafeisilane C, Chamomile, lavender, petigrain essential oils, allantoin, glycerin, aqua.

Directions: Apply gently at night on the eye area after cleanse. To apply, pat the gel around the eye area with the tip of your finger.