Combat skin problems naturally through aromatherapy.

AcneCure Treatment Suggestions

1. 24K Gold Foil Aroma Soap-Beach Waves 50g Apply Aroma Soap on hand with water, rub to lather. Gently wash face with foams. Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of water when complete. *Stop use if irriation occurs.

2. AcneCure Balancing Toner-Tea Tree 280ml Apply Herbal Balancing Toner direct or with cotton pad to face after Aroma Soap.

3. AcneCure Treatment Gel-Tea Tree 60ml After Toner, apply Treatment Gel to infected area on face.

4. Tea Tree Acne Sippet 5pcs/pack After cleanse (Treatment Gel), apply Tea Tree Acne Sippet to infected area on face by clean hands. Peel off and dispose after 10min.